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Beautiful Exploration Game Future Unfolding Is Heading To PlayStation 4


Developer Spaces of Play has announced that it’s bringing top-down exploration game Future Unfolding to PlayStation 4. It’ll also be available on PC when it comes out in 2016.


Future Unfolding takes place in a painterly, procedurally generated forest full of creatures for you to meet. There are bunnies and sheep that will follow you around. And you can jump on the backs of deer to ride them around. Some animals will guide you while others will grant you new powers.


But not all of the animals are friendly. The more hostile creatures will need to be sneaked around or you can fun past. The one that has been shown off so far looks like a mangy lion that divides into many different bodies in order to overwhelm you as it hunts.


Aside from the animals, there are exploratory puzzles to solve and secrets to find. Many of these are mysterious, being realized only as symbols that you’ll have to figure out, all in order to progress to new areas. But that’s something you’ll discover as you play the game.


What can truly be appreciated right now is the game’s art style. Everything you see is dynamic, so it’ll move as you run into it, or transform into something else entirely – including rocks, trees, lakes, flowers, and shrubs. All the animations are hand-drawn frame-by-frame and the result is very smooth. It all contributes to a colorful world that feels both fantastical and alive.


You can find out more about Future Unfolding on its website.

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