Bebop And Tempo Is A Cute Platformer Designed Around Speedrunning



Bebop and Tempo is a cute, character-swapping platformer designed with speedrunners in mind, offering high challenge and many opportunities to vie for the best time.


895362848_preview_new screen 1 steam


Players will have access to both of the title characters as they play through the game’s fifty stages. As Bebop, players will be able to dash and dodge, but a quick swap to Tempo will let players run faster, jump higher, and do a damaging stomp. It’s through quick switches between these characters, and doing so at the best possible times, that will let players hurry through the game’s world.


Players will be able to test their speedrunning skills on a smaller stage with a local versus mode. If they feel their skills are growing, they can challenge other players in an online Twitch tournament the developer intends to hold after the game’s release, seeing who can complete the game the fastest.




Players will be able to play around with the silly duo sometime this Summer. In the meantime, Bebop and Tempo is raising votes on Greenlight and funding on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
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