Become A Martial Arts Princess In Wuxia-Inspired VN Book of Zhu: Legacy



Inspired by Wuxia films and anime like Fist of the North Star, Kenichi, and Katanagatari, visual novel Book of Zhu: Legacy casts players as martial artist Princess Aya, heir to an empire as well as to her family’s fighting style.




Aya will face political struggles on her ascent to the throne, as well as more combative ones who will test her fighting skills. She won’t just be meeting new opponents along the way, as she can gain many new friends and allies on her journey to discover who she is and who she needs to become.




Players will be able to choose how much time they spend with these many characters, which will open up options for romance or just help players better get to know them.


The developers are raising funds for the game on Kickstarter, and will release the game for free upon completion. A demo, which covers the start of the game and some of Aya’s relationship with her bodyguard and her mother, is also available from the Kickstarter site.

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