Become A Wolf Saving Your Cub In Stealth Game Nocturnal Hunt


Players will become a wolf, its cub stolen by hunters, in dark stealth game Nocturnal Hunt


Nocturnal Hunt gives players the abilities of a wolf to get their cub back from the village of hunters that have taken it. Players can track scents to get a lead on things they cannot see, trace tracks through the various environments, and see enemies across great distances or behind objects. Using these powers, players can either dodge the hunters who are looking for them, or kill them in brutal fashion with their powerful jaws.

Players will follow the hunters through steadily tighter environments as they close in on their cub. The mountain and forest offer many wide areas and different hiding spots to sneak about it, but as they enter the mines leading into town and the village itself, they will find fewer and fewer places to stay out of sight, providing ever increasing challenge. Players will also have to find meat in all of these areas to keep themselves going, which also grows more difficult to locate in later areas.


Nocturnal Hunt is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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