BEEP Announces Undead Line MSX2 Version As First Entry In New Game Re-release Line


Undead Line, a fantasy-themed shmup released by T&E Soft in 1989 for MSX2, is being brought back by Japanese retro PC/video game chain store Beep, who earlier this year stepped into video game publishing with Cotton Reboot.

Undead Line is being brought back as the first entry in the Beep Extra Games line, which will be reprinting rare games for their original platform. That means, yes, Undead Line will only be playable on an MSX2 machine, or whatever can emulate MSX2 games.

The reasoning behind this line of limited-run physical copy reproductions that is that many of these games were later regarded as classics, long after they became hard to get a copy of. With this line of limited re-releases, players who were interested but were unable to get the games will be able to play the games as they were meant to be played, on the actual console.

According to Beep, the second and third games in this lineup are already in the works.

Undead Line released on the MSX2 in 1989.

Alistair Wong
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