Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director behind Bloodborne and Dark Souls III, spoke with Siliconera at a behind-closed-doors Dark Souls III presentation. In the showing, Miyazaki revealed a new weapon: the Scimitars.


“Scimitars can be dual-wielded if the player holds the weapon with both hands,” he said, descending deeper into an ash-ridden castle. “They excel at taking out several weaker enemies at once with their special ability, called a spin.”


Miyazaki’s demonstrator then moved toward a group of undead monsters, unleashing a spin that hit twice and took down all but the largest one.


“This is a great weapon when you’re ambushed or suddenly surrounded, but it won’t do much for you around knights,” Miyazaki said.


Knights are a new strong enemy in Dark Souls III. They can carry spears or swords, and attack swiftly and relentlessly. To face them, Miyazaki turned to a familiar,weapon, the great sword, which has been given a new ability.


“The great sword can now perform a lunge attack,” Miyazaki mentioned as the character on screen pulled back his sword and released an upward swing. “This can launch enemies and help you find windows to do a great amount of damage.”


Also new to the series is a “ready” stance for longswords. Ready stance allows the player to perform a lunging attack that breaks through an opponent’s defenses.


You can expect to learn more about Dark Souls III right here on Siliconera in the future.

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