The Bell Chimes For Gold Launches April 6, 2018


ss_e882caabab524f0789bdf08fba54ab7cf5606358 Back in 2016, Otusun took to Indiegogo to attempt to create an English localization of its otome The Bell Chimes for Gold. While this project did not pan out, Sekai Project ended up stepping in. Now, the all ages version of The Bell Chimes for Gold will debut on Steam for PCs on April 6, 2018.


In The Bell Chimes for Gold, players follow an herbalist named Maria. She worked alongside her mentor, who she thought was in love with her. Except he left her to marry a childhood friend. When he did, he told her, “With your skills in crafting, you can just buy any man you want.” So, Maria decides to do just that. She goes off to possibly woo five older and established men who are poor and down on their luck. Her options include an alcoholic warrior, a thief who is also a gambling addict, an elven ranger who is terrible with money, a priest determined to buy back his family home, and a necromancer who was fired from the academy for… being a necromancer.


The Bell Chimes for Gold originally appeared on the PC and both Android and Apple iOS devices in Japan in 2016.

Jenni Lada
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