It seems everything is going social or to smartphones these days, doesn’t it? The latest to join the crowd is GREE-developed Berserk Steady Advance! Surging Waves of Soldier Companies. This spin-off of the popular Berserk series puts players in charge of their own mercenary company, recruiting soldiers to form ranks of cavalry, swordsmen or archers and then sending them off to battle.


You’ll be able to affect the number of troops, health of your units and so forth depending on the rarity and strengths of your commanders, but there’s surprisingly little on how actual combat flows in the game.



From what we understand, once battle is joined—with cel-shaded units on a 3D battlefield—players touch the screen to issue basic commands and watch their units fight it out against opposing enemies.



It’s possible to recruit Griffith, Guts and other main characters from the series as players fight under the banner of the Band of the Hawk, with the game set during the Golden Age arc of the series. So no, there’s likely no weird fantasy monsters here just yet.


Still, the game looks charming. That hand-drawn art style for troops is so SNES-era but oddly beautiful. As a free-to-play title, you’ll also be able to team up with allies and form a grander merc coalition to take on foes, or rely on friends to assist in battles.


Berserk Steady Advance! Surging Waves of Soldier Companies is out now for the iOS.






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