Berserk Watches for Guts and Griffith Are Up for Pre-Order

Berserk model watches Guts Griffith watch preorder at SuperGroupies pre-order

SuperGroupies revealed Berserk model watches for the characters Guts and Griffith. The Berserk model watches are available to pre-order until April 3, 2022 at 8pm PT/11pm ET. They each cost $228.00 before tax and they will begin shipping in early October 2022.

The Berserk Guts watch is dark silver with dark red accents, drawing inspiration from both the Berserker Armor and the Brand of Sacrifice. The iconic Dragon Slayer sword is featured at 6 o’clock as well. A quote from Berserk is even etched into the back of the watch, referencing the Dragon Slayer: “It was much too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy and far too rough. Indeed, it was like a heap of raw iron.”

Meanwhile, the Griffith watch is designed to look more elegant. The white, gold, and hint of navy blue take inspiration from the “Hawk of Light” armor. Likewise, the saber Griffith wields is located at 6 o’clock. The back of this watch contains an etched quote from Griffith: “I told you once… I will… …get my own kingdom.”

You can view some images of the multifunctional Berserk model watches below.

The manga Berserk has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide to date, and volume 41 released in Japan in December. It may potentially be the final volume, as creator Kentaro Miura passed away in May 2021 with the story unfinished. Publisher Hakusensha has not yet announced whether it intends to finish Miura’s story using Miura’s art studio, Studio Gaga.

The Berserk watches are available to pre-order through April 3, 2022 and will ship in early October 2022. Each one comes in its own exclusive box.

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