Make Sure You Build Up Hook’s Attack in Honkai: Star Rail

Best Hook Relic and Lightcone Build in Honkai: Star Rail
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Hook is a four-star in Honkai: Star Rail, and she happened to be one of the first “focus” characters on the Seele Butterfly on Swordtip Event Warp. This means between that and her appearance in the always-available pool of character, there’s a good chance she joined your party. While Hook is not one of the “best” characters in Honkai: Star Rail, she is easy to build and use due to her working with a lot of commonly found Relic sets and Light Cones.

What are the best Light Cones for a Hook build in Honkai: Star Rail?

Okay. So yes, you could put a five-star Light Cone on Hook. I’d say On the Fall of an Aeon, so you can take advantage of using her to break an enemy’s weakness while also getting an attack buff for every attack.

But really, there are so many good four-star Light Cones that boost her attack and help her that you should consider and stick with those instead. Woof! Walk Time!, one featuring Peppy that you can get for free, increases her attack and damage dealt to enemies affected by Burn. Which she can inflict, due to her being a Fire-type character. The Moles Welcome You, which is inspired by her, lets her get up to five stacks of Mischievous to boost her attack after every attack, Skill, or Ultimate use. Under the Blue Sky increases her attack in general, as well as boosts her critical hit rate every time she defeats an enemy. But really, any attack-boosting Destruction four-star Light Cone works.

As for three-star options, Collapsing Sky is best. It increases her attack and Skill damage. Mutual Demise is fine for her critical rate boost, but I don’t like how it requires you to keep her health up. Shattered Home is fine too for the extra damage, but again the enemy HP requirement is limiting.

Best Hook Relic and Lightcone Build in Honkai: Star Rail

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What are the best Relics for a Hook build in Honkai: Star Rail?

Once again, Hook is a character whose best Relic set in Honkai: Star Rail for any build is probably Musketeer of Wild Wheat. It boosts attack by 12% for two pieces. Get four pieces and attack damage is boosted by 10% and speed by 6% too. You can get it from the Jarilo-VI Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Drifting at the Corridor of Fading Echoes, but it comes up so often in chests and as rewards that you probably won’t even need to hunt for pieces for her.

However, Firesmith of Lava-Forging is your other best option for Hook in Honkai: Star Rail. That’s in the Xianzhou Luofu Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Conflagration at Stargazer Navalia. Two pieces equipped means a 10% Fire damage boost, which helps her a lot. If you get four pieces, it increases general Skill damage and boosts Fire damage after every Ultimate she performs.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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