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Best Starfield Companions to Bring Along for the Ride

Starfield has plenty of crew members and people you can add to your team from across the galaxy. They all have different types of skills and traits that make them worth bringing with you. When it comes to active companions you travel with, though, these are the best companions I recommend in Starfield.

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Sarah Morgan

  • Traits: Astrodynamics, Botany, Lasers, and Leadership

Sarah Morgan is the leader of Constellation and one of the first companions you recruit in the main story of Starfield. She is also one of only four characters you can actually romance in the game. Add to this her knowledgeable personality and you have one of the most skilled companions in the whole game.

You can unlock her during The Old Neighborhood main story quest.


  • Traits: Gastronomy, Particle Beam Weapons Systems, Robotics, and Starship Engineering

Barrett is the lovable guy you meet first from Constellation. You can unlock him when you complete the Return to Vectera main story quest. He has some solid ship skills and his laidback personality makes him fun to hang out with in the galaxy.

Sam Coe

  • Traits: Geology, Payloads, Piloting, and Rifle Certification

Sam Coe is another member of Constellation you can recruit during The Empty Nest quest. The best part about him besides his exciting cowboy personality is his daughter, Cora, who travels with you. It’s like getting two companions for the price of one and their conversations with each other are great.


  • Traits: Aneutronic Fusion, EM Weapon Systems, and Shield Systems

Vasco is the first companion every player gets in this game. After completing the prologue and earning your first ship, he joins you. Vasco is a pretty goofy robot who is fun to hang out with and he doesn’t have the weird approvals the previous companions have.

Adoring Fan

  • Traits: Concealment, Scavenging, and Weight Lifting

You can only get the Adoring Fan with the Kid Stuff trait, which I highly recommend. His commentary on everything is hilarious and he isn’t annoying as he may seem. The best part, though, is you get backup in fights without the frustration of making him mad like some of the other companions.

Feel free to be an evil person, steal from others, and lie without a care in the world. He’ll still love you anyways.

Starfield is available for the Xbox Series X and PC.

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