Nintendo Switch

Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero Rips A New Trailer To Show How Its Motion Controls Work



Beyblade is getting a new game for the Nintendo Switch called Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero that focuses on using Joy-Con motion controls to let it rip. Here’s a new trailer that demonstrates how it works.


In Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero you’ll use your left Joy-Con to set up the Beyblade position then the angle before letting it rip by holding the Y button on the right Joy-Con before letting it rip. When Beyblades collide both players move their Joy-Cons up and down to increase power as they fight.


The game features over 40 characters and offers more Beyblades than any other game from the series with options to customize and enhance. You can check out more about how the game plays in our previous report.


Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero releases in Japan on October 25, 2018 for Nintendo Switch.

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