Beyond Eden Is A Boy’s Love Visual Novel Of Victorian-Era Revenge


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Beyond Eden is a Boy’s Love visual novel of revenge and conflicted feelings, with players having to wrestle with their feelings for several men while destroying the family they are a part of.


The player returns to the home of the Baron Edenic after spending ten years away. The player’s character fosters a strong desire for revenge for a discretion the developers do not disclose, and it will be up to the player how they seek that revenge.

However, there are six eligible men in the household as well, and these varied characters may deter the player from their vengeance. They are all unique, from the kind doctor to the butler to the various sons and family friends, offering a variety of looks, physiques, and personalities for players to become attached to. Each offers their own story of romance despite the player’s dark intentions as well, and the choices for these love interests, as well as other aspects of the story, can lead to seventeen different conclusions.


Players will be able to set up their destructive plans, or wonder if love will heal their anger, when Beyond Eden releases in September 2017 on Steam.

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