Beyond-Human Slashes Like Devil May Cry, Shoots Like Mega Man


Beyond-Human is a two-man project that is, apparently, a combination of elements inspired by Metroid, Mega Man and Devil May Cry. It’s a platformer and hack ‘n’ slasher with a dark alien post-apocalyptic world to explore and fight through.


As with many video game protagonists before him, Beyond-Human’s Adam wakes up from a coma with amnesia – it’s a convenient excuse to explain the game’s world to both you and the character you’re controlling.


It’s the year 2099 and the world has fallen into a rather bad state by that time. Luckily for Adam, he is no pushover, and so he gets settled in beating up the hard-shelled aliens that creep among the steel halls and pulsating purple nests of this facility he’s awakened in.



Unfortunately, developers David Morales and Dominique Hendricks haven’t released too much information about Beyond-Human than the basics. We know that it has “Metroidvania” style progression, that there will be six locations to explore, and eight boss battles to conquer.


It will also have a New Game+, as well as over 20 mini-bosses  and over 40 unlockable gun modes and melee moves. Speaking of which, it seems that there’s some decent flow in Beyond-Human’s combat system, combining long range gun blasting with up close aerial combos with a laser sword.


If you’re into all of that, it’s worth keeping an eye on the game’s website as the development pair are posting new information, screenshots, and videos about Beyond-Human quite regularly.

Chris Priestman