Bird-Dating Game Hatoful Boyfriend Getting New Scenario And Collector’s Edition


    Hatoful Boyfriend - Screen 10

    Hatoful Boyfriend is a game where you’re the only human woman accepted into a prestigious school. This wouldn’t be so bad except it’s a prestigious school… for hyper-intelligent birds. The game is being re-updated and launched with a new scenario.


    As the lady, players can go on dates with a feathered cast of cooing characters and get involved in bird politics.


    You’ll have to juggle classes at St PigeoNation while going on romantic dates that include gifting foods such as Calm Corn to steal the heart of whichever bird brain catches your eye.


    Hatoful Boyfriend - Screen 2

    Hatoful Boyfriend - Screen 3 Hatoful Boyfriend - Screen 8

    Hatoful Boyfriend - Screen 11

    Hatoful Boyfriend - Screen 4 steamcommunity.com

    Hatoful Boyfriend - Screen 6 Hatoful Boyfriend - Screen 9



    Hatoful Boyfriend - Screen 7

    There are multiple endings. Including the one above.



    There is also now a “Summer of Dove” Collector’s Edition on Steam. This enhanced version will include a digital soundtrack, exclusive new comic by creator Hato Moa, a wallpaper and a St PigeoNation Yearbook (Class of 2014).


    The re-release of Hatoful Boyfriend will be available on August 21st.


    Update: A previous version of this report stated the remake was out now. It will actually be released on August 21st. We’ve updated our story to correct the error.


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