A Bird Is Hunted By Demons & Ghouls In Shmup A Quiver Of Crows



The enemy birds, demons, and ghouls that fly through the world of A Quiver of Crows do not fly in set patterns. Instead, each will viciously hunt down the player’s bird character, making for challenging shmup gameplay that requires quick reactions.




Each enemy type that inhabits the grim, dark lands of A Quiver of Crows has their own behavior and attack patterns, and will seek the player out rather than just float by on a set pattern. Some of these enemies will use melee attacks up close or ranged shots from afar, and it is up to the player to dodge around their weapons to fight back.


While the enemies may always be rushing toward the player, the playable bird character has multiple weapons and shields to keep it in flight. Various weapons can be upgraded with pickups to fire in wider spreads, and other weapons provide explosive effects or seeker shots. Barring those, the player can also increase the power of their shields with other pickups, providing many tools in the poor bird’s fight against its strange enemies.




A Quiver of Crows uses a twin-stick control scheme for ease of shooting while weaving around enemies, ensuring the player doesn’t have to worry about their position when shooting.


The game is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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