PlayStation 4

Birthdays’ First Screenshots Show How You’ll Create Life In Your Very Own World



Bokujyou Monogatari (Story of Seasons, previously Harvest Moon) creator Yasuhiro Wada is teaming up with Arc System Works for a new PS4 simulation game, called Birthdays, where you’ll get to create life in your own world. Here’s a look at its first screenshots from Famitsu.



In Birthdays, starting with brand-new land, you’ll get to create the environments that bring life to creatures, have them evolve, and further develop over time in what is being called a “everybody’s miniature garden game where life is created.”




From ancient plants to dinosaurs, and even up to the human race, the goal of birthday is to bring life to all kinds of creatures. You’ll get to create a world where creatures from different eras can coexist together.


Birthdays releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 19, 2017.

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