Black Clover Manga Will End After an Extended 3 Month Hiatus

Black Clover Manga Hiatus

Shonen Jump and Black Clover creator Yuki Tabata announced that the long-running manga series will end after an extended hiatus starting next week. Both the Shonen Jump editorial team and Tabata offered a message to fans explaining the reasoning behind the lengthy hiatus. Shonen Jump will announce the manga’s specific return date in later publications. [Thanks, ryokutya]

Black Clover began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2015. The story follows Asta, a boy born without the ability to use magic in a world filled with magic users. Asta aims to become the next Wizard King in a friendly rivalry with his companion Yuno.

According to the official announcement, the extended hiatus will last approximately three months. Tabata notes that he determined the length of the hiatus after careful consideration with the editorial team. While Tabata stated he “personally wished to keep going without taking a break,” he plans to use this time to work on the series’ final arc. It’s unclear how long this final arc will be, or when exactly the Black Clover manga will end. Tabata also apologized to fans that were looking forward to reading new chapters every week.

Shueisha recently published the manga’s 32nd tankobon. An anime adaptation ran from 2017 to 2021. A film adaptation of the anime is in development and will release sometime in 2023. A mobile game based on the series, Black Clover Mobile (working title), is also in development and will release in 2022.

Black Clover is available to read via Shonen Jump, and the official English translation is available via Viz Media.

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