Black Desert’s English Version Is Now Available To Pre-Order


Daum Games Europe has now put the English version of Black Desert up for pre-order on its website. The MMORPG is due to launch in early 2016.


There are three pre-order options available and each come with three tiers of content: Standard, Extra, and Limited (only available at pre-order).


The cheapest option is the Traveler’s Package at €29.99 – it comes with the game, one 7-day guest pass, cosmetic items (house décor and clothing dyes), an appearance change coupon, three skill resets, and a set of durable tools. The Limited content also adds: an in-game title, a family name and character name reservation, access to the game 24 hours before it officially launches, and one additional character slot.

Next up is the Explorer’s Package at €49.99 – it has the same content as the Traveler’s Package but adds another 7-day guest pass, more cosmetic items and skill resets, plus a Tier 3 horse, a horse whistle, and a pet of your choice. The Limited content is also the same except you get to play the game 48 hours before it launches, get another character slot, as well as an exclusive weapon skin.


Finally, we have the Conqueror’s Packet at €99.99 – same as before but with three 7-day guess passes in total, even more cosmetic items and skill resets (10 of each), a Tier 5 horse, the horse whistle, the pet, and 2,500 Pearls (value of $25). It’s Limited content remains the same but lets you play 96 before the game launches, gives you three additional character slots, and gives you an exclusive weapon skin and exclusive costume.


Aside from putting the pre-orders up, Daum Games Europe has also uploaded trailers for each of Black Desert’s six classes (Berserker, Ranger, Sorceress, Valkyrie, Warrior, Wizard / Witch). You can see two of them above while the other four can be viewed below. They should help you decide which character to pick when the game comes out.

Chris Priestman