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Black Rose Valkyrie’s Luna Ichinomiya Cracks The Whip As Her “Other Self” In New Video



Compile Heart released the second video of their character introduction series for their upcoming PlayStation 4 RPG Black Rose Valkyrie. Today we get a look at Luna Ichinomiya.


The video starts out with Asahi telling Luna that she doesn’t need to stick with honorifics as they introduce themselves. Upon hearing her surname “Ichinomiya,” he quickly realizes that she’s the daughter of one of the three major conglomerates.


In the next part we see Luna looking uneasy with Asahi asking if that is her first time doing her own shopping. Nonetheless, she appears excited for her first experience of getting to do it all on her own.


Following the fight scene, Luna shows her “other self” and goes completely 180° on Asahi after he calls her by her name. She basically calls him scum and tells him to not speak her name in such an imprudent manner, and that she’s a person of the Ichinomiya family so others should bow down in front of her.


The usual kind and caring Luna Ichinomiya is the complete opposite when she’s her “other self” and belittles Asahi, but also shows a bit of affection… only if he begs for it and adds “–sama” to her name.


Black Rose Valkyrie will release in Japan on July 21, 2016 for PlayStation 4. Check our earlier report for the first video featuring Ai Yakumo.

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