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Black & White Bushido Brings Tense Fighting To Xbox One


Four-player fighting game Black & White Bushido will be coming to Xbox One. It’s already out for Windows and Mac on Steam.


The idea is that you play on one of two opposing samurai teams – light or dark. The game’s five different arenas are divided into black sections and white sections. Light samurai can hide in the white sections by staying still. The dark samurai can do the same in the black sections.


What this enables is a tension as both teams hide from each other and then pounce when they think they can strike down the enemy. You can play it with either four people in local multiplayer or you can go up against AI opponents.


There are two different game modes to try out: Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. The latter tends to be the faster-paced game and really nails that hide-and-seek style of play.

Chris Priestman