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Blade Arcus Rebellion From Shining Explains Yuma And Kirika’s Motives In This New World


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The cast of Shining Resonance Refrain are the main new additions to expanded rerelease Blade Arcus Rebellion from Shining, and Sega has released more information on Yuma and Kirika’s stories and motives in this parallel world they’ve fallen into. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]



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Yuma Ilburn is a legendary hero who helped save Alfheim using the power of the Shining Dragon within his body. In order to reunite with the Shining Dragon, who scattered across the world after the final battle, he sets off on a journey alone through the gate to the other world.

In the alternate world of End Earth, Yuma wakes up only to find more people who want his strength. It is at this moment that a boy who wields the dark flames of the devil dragon appears before him.


yuma 3 yuma 4


Bone Breaker

yuma 5


Rising Slash

yuma 6


Round Slash

yuma 7


Dragon Light

yuma 8


Dragon Ground Burst

yuma 9



kirika 1

kirika 2


An Elf tribe Diva Magica who prays every day for Yuma, who disappeared from Alfheim. One day, she finds a clue to his whereabouts, and jumps into the other world despite Rinna’s protests.


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Kyu Renge

kirika 5


Jump Shot

kirika 6


Blade Arcus Rebellion from Shining releases in Japan on March 14, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Check out the Shining Resonance Refrain fighters in a trailer in our previous post here.

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