Blade Ballet Will Throw You Into A Deadly Robot Battle With Friends


Coming to PC in early 2016 – either March or April, hopefully – Blade Ballet is bringing you a series of frantic arena battles against your friends.


It’s a local multiplayer game for up to four players. You can each select a robot out of a possible 10 on offer that have different weapons and abilities. Here’s the four you’ll see in the video above, for example: 


  • Iota is the standard bot, with a regular sword and shield
  • STEVe is twitchy, does short, fast charges
  • Gato Boto can punch through shields, is quick and maneuverable
  • AZ Tech has a mace and a couple of shields


Once you’ve selected your robot, you then head into a number of arenas, one after the other, in a quickfire battle to the death. Each arena is different in that it may have a unique environmental hazard (an avalanche or maybe falling floor tiles) or a power-up (like increased speed or invincibility).


You keep going until one of you manages to score three kills as they are then crowned the winner. The variation in the arenas and robots is what should make Blade Ballet a high-energy versus game. You can find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman