Blade & Soul Costume Design Winners Have Been Announced


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    NCSoft has looked through the entries to its Blade & Soul costume contest and picked out its two winners – one from North America, one from Europe. These two people will see their designs in the final game with a tooltip that attributes them for the design.


    Four other finalists from each region (North America and Europe) will also receive $20 worth of NCoin and a poster featuring the artwork of Blade & Soul.


    Above is the winning entry designed by Esyllincott from North America. They had this to say about their costume design: “Since this costume is designed for NA and EU, I wanted to give a Western/ European mix, with a touch of BnS Asian culture. This design resulted in a mix of cowboy themes and European high fashion/armor. The name "Regium Corvus", which is Latin for "Royal Crows" was based off the colors being Royal Blue and Black. But its themed roots in its design was a flock of crows/ravens.”


    The European winner is EdoSky who entered with the design above. They had this to say about it: “At first the idea was to design a costume with chainmail to add a little bit of western element to the design, but later realized it wouldn’t fit the Blade & Soul theme, so the decision was to make a winter coat as design base and move on from there. If you are going to conquer the West during winter, you better put on some clothes.”


    These winning costumes will feature in Blade & Soul’s western version once it launches later this year.

    Chris Priestman

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