Blade & Soul Event Lets You Fight Against A Korean eSports Pro



While Blade & Soul is yet to launch in the west, it’s already procured a thriving eSports scene in Korea, and in fact the Blade & Soul 2015 World Championship happened between November 13th-14th in the country (it was broadcast on the game’s channel).


The eSports side of Blade & Soul is gathered around its 1v1 Arena mode. One of its best players is Jaesung Lee, and he’s going to be part of an Arena Invitational Event during the western version’s Closed Beta 3 (between November 24th-30th), in which you’ll be able to fight against him in the Arena.


“We’ll be providing a submission form where you can sign up to be one of the lucky few to fight against Jaesung for glory and prizes,” reads the announcement. “Everyone we choose to participate will receive a faction t-shirt, while those who actually manage to defeat Jaesung will receive a Limited Edition Blade & Soul jacket.”


While anyone can apply to for the event, those who placed highest up in the rankings of the 1v1 Arena during Closed Beta 2 (November 13th-16th) will get priority when it comes to choosing who will face Jaesung.


The whole Arena Invitational Event will be livestreamed on the Blade & Soul channel starting November 24th. And beta keys will be given out to those watching as well as Master Founder’s Packs every time that Jaesung is defeated.

Chris Priestman
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