Blade & Soul’s 9th Class Revealed In New Trailer, And It’s A Hybrid


Tencent, the publisher of Blade & Soul in China, has revealed the MMORPG’s ninth class in a new trailer released for Tencent Game Carnival 2015. You can see him in action in the trailer above starting from 2:10 as he takes on a Destroyer.


Speaking to Tencent at the event, MMOCulture was able to find out that this class is a hybrid of the Kung Fu Master and Force Master, and is roughly translated to English as Qi Master.


He’s able to deal high explosive damage at melee range and also able to provide healing services and support form a distance. Tencent confirmed that the Qi Master will arrive in Blade & Soul China this winter and that another character class that isn’t a hybrid will be coming next year.

Chris Priestman