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Blast Cyborgs, Mechanical Dogs, And Undead In Sci-Fi Shooter Dead Effect 2



Sci-fi game Dead Effect 2 throws players onto a colonist ship filled with soldiers, mutants, cannibals, zombies, cyborgs, mechanical dogs, and other outlandish enemies, letting them shoot their way out alone or with some friends.




Players will not live long without the right gear, which can be found in the ship’s dark corridors. Upgradeable weapons like swords and shotguns, implants that increase performance, and other gear can all be found as players explore, helping players get stronger as the enemies get tougher. Players can also customize their warrior with special skills like bullet time and force fields.




The sequel to Dead Effect also offers competitive multiplayer, letting up to eight players tangle in online deathmatches.




Dead Effect 2 is out now on Steam, and will be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One in June.

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