Blast Enemies (And Their Clothes) To Pieces In Multiplayer Shooter Soul Saber 2



Twelve players enter the battlefields of multiplayer shooter Soul Saber 2, but few of them will leave with intact clothes as they shoot each others’ shirts off as they seek victory.


822631402_preview_v  steam 山田屋 soulsaber2 soulsaber2 soulsaber2.exe 12.24.2016 -[2016.12.25_17.09.19]


Soul Saber 2 is designed with speed and chaos in mind, offering a great deal of maneuverability with each of its jet-pack powered droids. These allow the player to zip around the field quickly, all while firing at enemies with rapid-shot machine guns and other weapons.


Nineteen different droids are available to choose from, each with varied stats, weapons, and appearances. They can specialize in melee, ranged attacks, healing, sniping, or mobility, with players unlocking many of them through Victory Points they earn through winning matches. Players can also further customize how these characters control, adjusting them with more complex inputs that skilled players can use to lay on more damage.


822631402_preview_v  steam 山田屋 soulsaber2 soulsaber2 soulsaber2.exe 12.24.2016 -[2016.12.25_16.53.29]


As players suffer damage, their clothing will deteriorate, resulting in matches filled with half-naked droids exchanging explosive shots with each other.


Soul Saber 2 will support on and offline multiplayer, and expects to release in February 2017 now that it has passed through Steam Greenlight.

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