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Blast Man Is Mega Man 11’s Latest Robot Master




Another one of Mega Man 11’s bosses has been announced. One of the characters people will get to fight is Blast Man. He is a character with explosive abilities that, once beaten, gives Mega Man the Chain Blast ability. This lets you send floating sticky bombs toward foes and have them all explode at once.


Here is Capcom Unity’s official description for Blast Man, Chain Blast and his stage.

“While Block Man’s stage has pitfall-riddled pyramids built around his ego, and Fuse Man’s stage takes place in a tricky power plant, Blast Man has a decidedly more… wait for it… explosive approach to the place he calls home. This Robot Master is clearly on a short fuse, and it shows in the design of his stage: the ruined remains of a theme park and movie studio hybrid that Blast Man has shaped into his personal playground. He’s added several personal touches, including a number of signs featuring himself as the star of “Blast Man Adventure.” It seems like Block Man isn’t the only one with a narcissistic streak!


Getting to Blast Man’s lair is certainly no walk in the park. New enemies such as fireball-launching foes and explosion-prone mini-bots are the least of your problems when you have to deal with volatile boxes littered about each room, just waiting for a reason to detonate. Familiar enemies like Sniper Joe make their return to try and foil players’ progress, threatening to turn this adventurous stage into a total blowout. Always seeming to show up in the most troublesome places, Sniper Joe’s shield is as strong as ever, but smart use of the Power Gear can help even the odds against this classic foe.


Just when you think things couldn’t get more off the rails, you’ll have to deal with a roller coaster ride of a mid-boss. Explosive mini-bots zoom around in rockets on rails, occasionally tumbling out when they’re upside-down – so much for proper safety precautions! You can’t damage the rockets with regular buster shots, so you’ll have to get creative as you dodge dive-kicks from the falling robots and jump over the out-of-control coaster.


Successfully dodging the bangs, booms, and bots of Blast Man’s stage will bring you to the Robot Master himself, whose short-fused nature is apparent by what’s left of the amusement park in the background. Taking cues from his bomb-tossing predecessors, Blast Man hops around the room while slinging explosives everywhere in his attempt to turn Mega Man into scrap metal.


When Blast Man has reached the end of his fuse, he pushes himself to the limit using the Power Gear! As you might expect from this explosion-loving robot, the Power Gear supersizes Blast Man’s bombs, giving them greater explosive force while his attack patterns become more erratic. You’ll have to be at the top of your game if you want to disarm Blast Man for good.


Your reward for defusing this volatile Robot Master is Chain Blast, a unique weapon that floats bombs across the screen that stick to enemies along the way. As the name suggests, you can chain together multiple bombs and detonate them all at once, or use the Power Gear to create massive explosives for even bigger blasts!”


In addition to the Blast Man reveal, Capcom talked about some of Mega Man 11’s modes and items. Mega Man can craft items and upgrades at Dr. Light’s Lab. One such item is the Auto-Charge Chip, which costs 300 screws and auto-charges the Mega Buster. Time Attack will return. This lets you go through Robot Master stages to try and get places on online leaderboards. Baloon Attack is a new mode that puts balloons in stages instead of enemies, acting as another take on Time Attack since missing blue balloons and hitting red balloons adds time to your timer.


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Mega Man 11 will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 2, 2018.

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