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Blaster Master Zero Adds Blaster Battle Mode In Version 1.5 Update For Switch On November 23



Blaster Master Zero is getting its Version 1.5 update tomorrow, November 23, and it ads a brand-new Blaster Battle Mode, which you can check out in Inti Creates’ latest trailer for the platformer.



Here are more details from Inti Creates on how Blaster Battle Mode plays:


2017-11-22_040240 2017-11-22_040250

After updating the game to Version 1.5, “Blaster Battle Mode” will be added to the second page of the EXTRA menu.


On the mode settings screen, you can choose the match type, rules, and stage, and then start the battle!


2017-11-22_040352 2017-11-22_040407

Choose your favorite character and hop into a 1 vs 1 battle against the other player.


2017-11-22_040438 2017-11-22_040448

The weapons SOPHIA III comes equipped with will differ based on which character you choose.



Various items will appear out of nowhere during battles. They may be recovery items, power-ups, or something else!


Blaster Master Zero’s Version 1.5 update with Blaster Battle Mode will be available for free on Switch on November 23, 2017.

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