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Blaster Master Zero Gets New Demo Today Alongside Gunvolt DLC, Gal Gun’s Ekoro This June



Blaster Master Zero released its Ver. 1.2 update recently, and with it comes two new game modes including one that lets you play as a cast of DLC characters, featuring the likes of Gunvolt and Ekoro. Inti Creates shares a look at what’s new on the company’s official website.


The first new mode is “Destroyer Mode,” a super difficult hard mode that you’ll have access to after beating the game. This mode requires you to make the right call at every turn and also the right use of your entire arsenal needed to take on the powered-up mutants.


destroyer01 destroyer02

In addition to a color makeover for Jason and SOPHIA III, we can see that the strongest weapon in Normal Mode, Wave (Gun Level 8), doesn’t work against these enemies. You’ll have to choose the pertinent gun level for each enemy or else you won’t deal any damage here.





Enemies destroyed on side-view maps unleash bullets that fly in the player’s direction. The Energy Guard item also has no effect in Destroyer Mode.




And if that doesn’t sound challenging enough, Life Up items have no effect in this mode. Types of items that are placed throughout each area and items obtained from mid-bosses have also been changed up.


GV01_EN GV02_EN1

eokoro01_EN eokoro02_EN

Next, here’s a look at the “EX Character Mode” that also arrived in Version 1.2. This mode allows you to play through the entire game as a DLC character. These characters aren’t just skins, as they have their own set of abilities and weapons, providing a completely different gameplay experience.


EX Character – Gunvolt

Release Date: May 4, 2017

Price: $1.99 (free from May 5 through May 17, 2017)


The main protagonist from the Azure Striker Gunvolt series strikes into the fray as a playable character!


With Gunvolt’s septimal power of electricity, take control his “Flashfield” and “Prevasion” abilities and give those mutant baddies the shock of a lifetime!


GV03 GV04

GV05 GV06



EX Character – Ekoro

Release Date: June 1, 2017

Price: $1.99 (free from June 1 through June 14, 2017)


The “elite” angel you remember from Mighty Gunvolt and the Gal*Gun series returns as a playable character!


Take control of her chargeable, dual-wielding “Desert Angel” guns and other angelic weaponry and give those mutants a taste of your love!


eokoro03 eokoro04_EN

eokoro05 eokoro07_EN

And finally, Inti Creates shared a bit on the new demo version:



In the demo version of Blaster Master Zero, you’ll get to choose between two stages: The Forest Area (Area 1) where your subterranean adventure begins, and the Industrial Area (Area 3) a factory where the Central Gear  boss reigns supreme. The Nintendo Switch version of the demo has local multiplayer.


Blaster Master Zero’s Ver. 1.2 update is available for Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo 3DS version of the game updates today. The demo as well as the Gunvolt DLC also releases today for Nintendo Switch and 3DS.