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Blaster Master Zero II Takes Jason To Outer Space, And It’s Out Today




Inti Creates’ take on Sunsoft’s Blaster Master series returns with a sequel that was just revealed on the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase, and is being stealth-dropped today.


This game will take Jason to outer space on the G(aia)-Sophia, a new tank that can absorb shocks when it drops from high heights and turn it into energy. Meanwhile, Jason has a new cape and can counter-attack using his new Blast Counter mechanic which can also be chained.


bmzero2 2

bmzero2 3


This time, Jason isn’t the only Metal Attacker pilot around – it seems that the game will feature various new pilots who may become friends or enemies in Jason and Eve’s new fight.


Blaster Master Zero II comes out today on the Nintendo Switch, costing $9.99 on the eShop.


Edit: You can find the trailer below:

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