BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Granblue Fantasy Collab Coming

BlazBlue Alternative Dark War GBF collaboration

Arc System Works announced an upcoming collaboration between Granblue Fantasy and BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War. The promotional art features Djeeta and Ciel. The collaboration event will appear during the latter half of September 2021. Currently, Arc System Works confirmed Djeeta and Vy’s appearance. Toshimichi Mori, the creator of BlazBlue, showed off Djeeta’s portrait and sprite. [Thanks, Dengeki Online!]

The Granblue Fantasy collaboration event story in BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War will follow Djeeta and Vy after they wake up on the Fugaku, which is a ship that explores the Boundary. In order to find their friends, they travel to the Phantom Field with the BlazBlue characters. Other characters, as well as guest artists, will appear during the event, and you can keep up with updates by following the BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Twitter account.

BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War is available on mobile devices in Japan. It is currently unknown if Arc System Works plans to bring it to the west. It is a battle RPG that carries over the same sort of combat from the fighting games. It went live in February 2021. The Granblue Fantasy and BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War collaboration event will appear in-game in late September 2021. More news about it will appear on the game’s official Twitter and website.

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