BlazBlue Central Fiction Adds A New Overdrive Feature



Arc System Works recently revealed the latest entry of their BlazBlue series with BlazBlue Central Fiction. Famitsu shares a look at some of the key features with the latest details and screenshots.



The above is a look at the new character select screen. BlazBlue Central Fiction has changed up the battle system and increased the overall quality among other new features to the latest installment.

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The above is a look at some of the new artwork showing Ragna, Jin, Noel, and Bang by Arc System Works artist Yuuki Katou, who did new artwork for all of the characters.



The first new system that will be in the game is called the “Exceed Accel”. There are two new main systems, and this is one of them. There’s the special Drive abilities that all character can use for special attacks, then there’s the Overdrive that can increase attack power and other character-specific benefits.


The Exceed Accel is a super special attack that is activated by pressing all the buttons simultaneously while in the middle of an Overdrive. By pulling this new attack off, you’ll be able to deal massive damage to your opponent. We’ll find out more about the second new system in a future update.


Naoto Kurogane:



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Naoto’s “Bloodedge” ability is a slashing Drive attack that has a good reach. It can be held down to have an added guard-breaking effect. His playstyle will focus around knowing how to use the two accordingly.


His special ability called “Enhancer” lets him pull off special attacks while dashing. When successfully used, it’ll add different effects to the attacks, such as adding extra hits.


Hibiki Kohaku:



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Hibiki’s Drive ability is called “Double Chase,” which allows him to make a clone of himself by pressing the D button. Players will also get to decide which one is the “real” Hibiki when making clones.


BlazBlue Central Fiction doesn’t have a release date yet, but its first location test is scheduled for July 18th in Japan and will last three days.

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