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BlazBlue: Central Fiction Collaborates With Toukiden 2 And More For DLC Items



In BlazBlue: Central Fiction, you’ll get to customize your own room with the “My Room” feature, and Arc System Works announced a bunch of collaboration DLC items to help decorate.


Hori Collaboration Items

collabo_hori1_1_img collabo_hori1_2_img

A special avatar accessory and decorations for My Room, included with their upcoming PS4 and PS3 arcade stick.


collabo_hori2_1_img collabo_hori2_2_img

This one is for their new fight pad.


Dengeki PlayStation Collaboration Item

collabo_dengeki1_1_img collabo_dengeki1_2_img

The next one is from Dengeki PlayStation, and it’ll be available in their issue #623, which will be available starting September 30. The DLC for this will be available from October 6, 2016 through October 31, 2017. It includes alternate colors with a theme of “fallen in darkness.”


collabo_dengeki2_1_img collabo_dengeki2_2_img

Dengeki PlayStation’s following issue #624 also includes a set of housing items, with three different tapestries and a plush item.


Famitsu Collaboration Items

collabo_famistu1_1_img collabo_famistu1_2_img

Next up is from Famitsu with the “Red and White” alternate color theme that comes with their issue #1453.


collabo_famistu2_1_img collabo_famistu2_2_img

The following issue, #1454, will also have DLC featuring tapestry and the Famitsu magazine issue as a decoration item. The DLC sets will be available from October 6, 2016 through October 31, 2017.


Toukiden 2 Collaboration Items

collabo_tokiden1_img collabo_tokiden2_img

Toukiden 2’s collaboration items will be available for free, and it includes a Tenko doll, and three pieces of avatar accessories with the Goenma hat, Tenko hat, and Slayer hat. The set will be available from October 6, 2017 through January 5, 2017.


Hangame Bunya Set

collabo_hungame1_img collabo_hungame2_img

Hangame’s collaboration includes its mascot character “Bunya” as a doll, along with a Bunya hat accessory for your avatar. This, too, will be free to download for a period of time. This set will be available from October 13, 2016 through January 12, 2017.


NicoNico TV-Chan Set

collabo_niconico1_img collabo_niconico2_img

Another free download, featuring NicoNico Douga’s mascot “Televi-Chan” as a My Room decoration item. It’ll be available from October 20, 2016 through January 19, 2017.


Gunslinger Stratos Set

collabo_gunslinger1_img collabo_gunslinger2_img

And finally, we have Square Enix’s Gunslinger Stratos, featuring three different character dolls for decoration, and a Gunslinger Stratos collaboration tapestry. This one will be free to download from October 27, 2016 through January 26, 2017.


BlazBlue: Central Fiction will release for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 6th, in North America in early November, and in Europe sometime in Q4 2016.

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