BlazBlue: Central Fiction Will Have Triple The Story Volume Of Chrono Phantasma



Arc System Works will release BlazBlue Central Fiction sometime next month, and they’ve provided a look at some of the new features that we’ll get to see when it launches on arcade.


BlazBlue Central Fiction retains most of the main features seen throughout the series, but they’ve added tweaks and enhancements to make them better.


There’s the “Arcade Mode” that lets you play against the CPU while going through the story, “Score Attack Mode” for online rankings, and “Sparring Mode” that lets you practice against the CPUs to brush up on your skills.



Sparring Mode lets you set a series of matches for a set period of time and difficulty to your liking. In Central Fiction they’re adding additional options to let you adjust the CPU level and the meters.


As for the main “Arcade Mode,” there will be new characters and the latest story in the BlazBlue series. Additionally, it’s split into three “Acts” that we’ll see added through updates. They also mention that the story will have three times the entire volume we saw in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma


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Act 1 of the story will be available at launch and the others will be added via updates. They also mention that the truth behind “the dream that God observes” will be revealed.


003 Finally, the above is a look at how you can get “Platinum Coins” by beating people in Versus mode. There’s a variety of challenges that are required to get these coins, such as “do a combo that uses all the button types,” or “defeat an opponent that is currently in a 30-game winning streak.”


You can then exchange the Platinum Coins to “P$ (Platinum Dollars),” with rare Platinum Coins giving you more P$.


BlazBlue: Central Fiction is expected to launch on arcade in Japan sometime in the second half of November.

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