PlayStation Vita

BlazBlue Characters And Music Are Coming Into Arc System Works’ Magical Beat



    Arc System Works doesn’t just make fighting games. They made music puzzle games like 0D Beat Drop for Xbox 360 and recently released Magical Beat for PlayStation Vita. On January 16, BlazBlue characters and songs will be available for Magical Beat as downloadable content.




    These six songs and paired characters will be available for 100 yen each or as a pack for 450 yen.

    Under Heaven Destruction with Ragna

    Rebellion with Ragna

    Bullet Dance with Noel

    Condemnaton Wings with Tsubaki

    Blood Pain II with Kokonoe

    Six Heroes with Hazama


    All of the BlazBlue characters have been redesigned to fit the Magical Beat art style.




    Looks like Magical Beat will have even more BlazBlue downloadable content in the future since all of the characters haven’t been revealed.

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