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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Helps Players Connect With Team RWBY




Team RWBY is in an odd place in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. The appearance of these heroines’ may be the first time players have encountered them. While the story does do a bit to establish them and their role as Huntresses, the movesets for each one also do quite a bit to establish them as warriors. People may have a better idea of what their personalities are like and how they acted in RWBY by seeing how they behave here.


In RWBY, Ruby is an adaptable attacker who is known for being extremely capable. She was at the top of her class in Signal Academy and was accepted to Beacon Academy early because of the skills she has shown with Crescent Rose, her High-Calibur Sniper-Scythe she created. Her ability to fight at close and long range is maintained in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, to show her adaptability and make her a character who can attack from a distance, run in to attack up close, then zip back again to attack at range. This is helped by a Semblance, a RWBY world character’s innate power, that allows her to be speedier than normal people. This is showcased with ranged skills, like when Crescent Rose becomes a gun for Rifle Shot. Gun Blast lets her quickly step back, while also offering an optional extra attack. Moves like Buzzsaw Blast and Guillotine focus on more close range. Basically, she is as easy to use and versatile as you would expect the main character of a series to be, with such capabilities showing she is a prodigy.




Weiss is an interesting fighter, because someone might see her wielding a rapier and assume she is primarily a close to mid-range character. But really, in both RWBY and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle she relies on using icy skills and glyph usage to play a game of keep-away. She is effective at using ranged attacks and brief bursts of speed to perhaps pick at people, while making sure she has space to protect herself. While her normal attacks have Myrtenaster used as an ordinary rapier and do a good job of helping her handle people who get too close, the others showcase its abilities with the Dust inside the Multi-Action Dust Rapier. Ice Pillar makes ice shoot up out of the ground at a diagonal angle, to try and catch enemies at various positions, while a move like Ice Shadow combines these icy Dust attacks with glyphs for a more straightforward, forward shot. While if you use Glyph Dash Strike, we get to see how her Semblance ability lets her move more quickly. I just wish her character here had retained her ability to summon versions of enemies she had defeated as an attack, as she displays this skill in the show by summoning Grimm creatures like an Arma Gigas and Boarbatusk. Still, we see how technical she can be and what her ranged skills bring to a match.


Blake is a very versatile fighter. In RWBY, her Gambol Shroud has three different forms. At its shortest, it is a shortsword, though it can also act as a standard sword and a chain-and-sickle. Her combos often involve transitioning between the different forms to create distance and control an opponent’s position in a fight. You can even use her Deadly Nightshade EX to use the chain-and-sickle form to pull an opponent closer. (This is also an assist move, which is quite handy.) But the best part of her source material “moveset” to come to BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and establish this heroine’s versatility is her use of clones. A Stone Clone can be used as a last second defense, while a Fire Clone can be set up as an exploding trap. I felt like it played off of her background as a former White Fang member, showing her versatility when it came to getting things done and her attempt to control situations.




Finally, there is Yang. She is the final member of Team RWBY to show up in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. She is the big sister type. Literally, as she is Ruby’s half-sister. She is a brawler who is great for getting in close and applying pressure with Ember Celica, her Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets. In keeping with her appearances in RWBY, these have the same fire power, letting her fire off what are essentially fireballs with moves like Firecracker, which can travel across about three-fourths of the way across the screen. Others have Ember Celica-powered attacks adding momentum to moves, with actions taken during Burst of Embers quickly propelling her into opponents. For example, her assist uppercut propels her into the air, even hitting crouching opponents along the way, which is great. You can feel her enthusiasm and strength as she attacks, which is great since it ties into her Semblance from the series, which buffs and increases her strength and speed even further.


Team RWBY is full of these distinct characters who all bring something different to RWBY. They are capable women who have spent years training. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle does its best to show exactly what they are capable of in the game. Each one’s moveset calls back to their capabilities in the series, showing the kind of role every Huntress might play. It even helps define personalities.


BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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