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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle’s Latest Footage Highlights Moves From RWBY’s Ruby And Weiss



Arc System Works showcased the latest footage of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle during a recent live stream, where we got a look at some moves from RWBY’s Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee.


Here’s a look at the footage from the live stream [Thanks, NintendoEverything.]


Additionally, Arc System Works said in the live stream that they hope to have the game playable at Evo Japan 2018 that takes place on January 26-28, 2018.


BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle releases in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Check out our previous report for a look at the four new playable characters in Makoto Nanaya, Nu-13, Es, and Iron Tager.

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