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BlazBlue Maker Rolls Out Dice-Rolling Puzzle Game On Nintendo eShop


Guilty Gear and BlazBlue developers Arc System Works, have released an action-puzzle dice-rolling game for the Nintendo 3DS’s eShop in Japan, called Korokesu.


Korokesu is an action-puzzle game that is all about dice. The main point of the game is to push, pull and spin the dice around to delete them by getting similar faces on the dice to touch each other.


There are two modes in the game: Trial and Puzzle. In Trial Mode, you’ll have three minutes to try getting the highest score possible by deleting the surrounding dice. You can get a higher score by chaining them together for combos. When you delete dice, it takes a short while for them to completely disappear. If you can manage to get another dice to fit in before they disappear, it activates the chain effect, which not only deletes more dice, but will also increase your score.


Meanwhile, in Puzzle Mode, the stages and dice positions are already set and your goal is to simply delete them. There’s a total of 50 different stages featuring several brain-teasing puzzles. Korokesu has a high score board and also achievements that can be acquired by meeting certain conditions in the game.


There’s even a wacky story to the dice-rolling game:


In a galaxy far away, the people of the planet Saikorogashi (Saikoro is dice, Korogashi is roll in Japanese) spent their days happily rolling dice. One day, they decided to hold a contest to see who the best dice roller on the planet is, and even the prince himself, decided to participate.




Prince of the Saikorogashi people. His expression makes it hard to know what he’s thinking about, but he seems to be more excited than usual regarding the upcoming tournament.




Unlike the Prince, the King shows intense feelings. He is secretly supporting the anxious Prince.


Korokesu is currently available on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop for 500 yen.


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