It’s Blazblue Versus Senran Kagura For This Crossover Card Game


In Japan, there’s a card game which features the bouncy Senran Kagura, called Unlimited. The latest expansion to this game will Arc System Works’ Blazblue to the mix, but hold your horses—this isn’t like other card games, where everything just kind of melds together in some unholy combination in a single deck.


You won’t see Ragna fighting alongside Asuka, for instance, 4Gamer reports. Nope. In fact, the card backs for both will be completely different. That’s right, same game, different card backs. How’s that going to work out?


Well, while both will have their own additions to Unlimited’s card system, disallowing players from mixing decks, they will allow players to fight head-to-head against each other. Each character in the Blazblue sets will have their own special abilities. Ragna, for instance, will have his life-stealing abilities reflected in his card abilities. Noel, on the other hand, relies on her gun mastery and racks up combo chains the more gunshots she fires off.


The Blazblue cards will even have special little indicators on the top to tell whether you’re in Overdrive mode and such. While this will lead to some highly complex decks – each, obviously with their own strategic twist—it should add a completely new wrinkle to the way card games have been played before.




To counter the swing in how the entire game is about to get played, the next booster pack set for Unlimited’s Senran Kagura set-volume 4-will get a power boost to help players settle into the new metagame.