Blazblue’s Magical Girl Platinum Enters Online Battler Lost Saga



In the steady stream of character crossovers, the latest character to head to free-roaming battle arena Lost Saga is Platinum, the lady with three souls from Blazblue. You can see her skills in the above trailer.



Lost Saga is a unique brawler game in that players can swap their characters anytime during a fight. This lets you chain combos together to beat down foes.



Platinum joins a run of other characters who’ve already made the move to the brawler, including Rachel Alucard, King of Fighter’s Iori and Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru.


She’s also part of the July update, which adds a new soccer mode in the spirit of the World Cup and a new fire dungeon. As expected, both teams have to try to score a goal using character skills and abilities in soccer mode.



The fire dungeon itself is also neat, as it adds an extra environmental enemy both sides can race to defeat for loot. Of course, you could also just beat the stuffing out of foes while they’re trying to down the boss too.


Lost Saga is out now on PC.