Bleach Immortal Soul Will Let You Unleash Your Bankai in Spring 2020

Bleach Immortal Soul Bleach Mobile Game 1

A new Bleach mobile game is on the way. In Spring 2020, Oasis Games will launch the GREE-developed Bleach Immortal Soul on both Android and Apple iOS devices. Preregistration is now open via the game’s official website and there’s a note saying there will be a reward doled out after launch for opting in, but no details are immediately available.

Bleach Immortal Soul will have an original story and task you with building up a team of Soul Reapers and their allies to form a squad to protect Karakura Town. However, the product listing also mentions reliving events from the series. The two initial screenshots show a party containing Ichigo, Chad, Orihime, Uryu, and Yoruichi fighting Byakuya, Gin, Ikkaku, Kenpachi, and Renji. Of course, the listing also says it will have roguelike elements.

As a free-to-play mobile game, that means more characters will be unlocked in different manners. Some will show up after you go through the campaign or events, while others will involve “recruitments.” Once you have characters, you can build them up and add them to different sorts of teams to fight alone or in multiplayer boss battles.

Bleach Immortal Soul will come to Android and Apple iOS devices in Spring 2020. As for other recent Bleach games, Bleach: Awakened Souls : Shinigami launched in China in 2018. Japan also got Bleach: Paradise Lost in 2017.

Jenni Lada
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