Blow Apart A Cyberpunk City In Action-RPG Defragmented


Defragmented, a cyberpunk action-RPG by two-man team Glass Knuckle Games, is now available to buy on Steam for Windows and Mac.


Specifically, it’s a top-down shooter with RPG-style character progression, including class skills and item loadouts. Loot such as futuristic guns and gadgets are procedurally generated, as are the weapons and tactics that enemies employ in each combat scenario, so be on your toes.


It takes place in the neon-lit city Entropolis, which – typically for the cyberpunk genre – contains a number of conspiracies, rogue police agents, and a power struggle that you’ll have to unravel.


Entropolis is also destructive in that the tactical cover you’ll use to avoid incoming fire during combat can be demolished, encouraging you to move fast and shoot even faster.


Rounding off the package, Defragmented has a “synthwave” soundtrack, with music provided by artists who contributed tunes to KUNG FURY, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and Hotline Miami 2.

Chris Priestman