Blue Archive 1.5 Anniversary Event Adds 100 Free Rolls

Blue Archive 1.5 Anniversary

Nexon kicked off the Blue Archive 1.5 Anniversary celebration for the English-language edition of the game. Players will join their Students once again at the beach, in a follow-up to January’s “Abydos Resort Restoration Task Force” event. This one, called “Biz Trip! Momoyodou Beach Shack Franchise Plan”, will continue and conclude the storyline established previously. The event adds four new playable characters, one of which is available for free. The celebration also includes goodies for players, including up to 100 free rolls on the featured banner.

Check out a preview trailer for the Blue Archive 1.5 Anniversary event Biz Trip! Momoyodou Beach Shack Franchise Plan below.

Like the previous event, the Blue Archive 1.5 Anniversary event is summer-themed. It involves the Students of the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy and Abydos High School. The members of the Hyakkiyako Festival Operations Department have opened up a beach hut business at the Lost Paradise resort archipelago, only to be ensnared in the “Resort Hunt” scheme that trapped the Abydos girls. Now they find themselves in all-out war over the archipelago with several other factions of similarly-scammed Students. The winner will gain possession of the entire archipelago to run as they see fit. The event introduces a new gameplay mode called Conquest, in which players can progressively attack and claim territory. Claimed territories can then be farmed for resources needed to buy up goodies and unlock new hunting grounds.

Four new summer-themed Students will join the roster. Players will gain the assistance of Shizuko (Swimsuit) upon clearing the first stage of the event. Those with Pyroxene gems to spare can roll the gacha for Hoshino (Swimsuit), who upon her debut in the Japanese version was hailed as one of the most powerful support students in the game. Hoshino’s banner will also have a doubled drop rate for 3-star characters (from 3% to 6%), making it a good opportunity to obtain higher-rarity Students. The latter half of the Blue Archive 1.5 Anniversary celebration will bring banners for Chise (Swimsuit) and Izuna (Swimsuit). They’ll also bring a login campaign that will award players with 10 free rolls per day, up to a total of 100 rolls.

The Blue Archive 1.5 Anniversary Event will run until February 13, 2023. The game is available on iOS and Android devices.

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