Blue Archive Official English Version Announced

Blue Archive Official English Version

The official English website and Twitter account for Blue Archive is now live. Additionally, an official English version of the game is on the way. Nexon Korea and NAT Games will handle the English version Blue Archive. A release date has yet to be confirmed. However, the official English website for Blue Archive does feature some interactive elements.

Consumers can go to the website to chat with a girl named Arona. The conversation allows the consumer to ask when they will be able to “meet” with her. It ends with Arona asking the consumer to be “just a little more patient” and that they’ll return with good news. While the conversation has several options that consumers can select, the end result is the same.

You can watch the latest promotional video for Blue Archive below.

Blue Archive was announced in July 2020. Developed by NAT Games, the title was released in Japan through publisher Yostar. Blue Archive is a free to play gacha game that places players in the role of a teacher. The game features RPG combat elements, with the player dictating how the flow of battle goes. Information regarding these systems was shared ahead of the Japanese release of the game.

Blue Archive is immediately available for Android and iOS devices for Japanese audiences. An official English version of Blue Archive is currently in development.

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