Blue Protocol Shows More Character Creation Options With A Look At Making Older Guys



The upcoming MMO action RPG Blue Protocol recently shared a glimpse of its character creation system. Bandai Namco wants to show different styles of characters you can make, starting with older guys.


The above video is Bandai Namco’s first of four character customization videos we’ll be getting for the next four days. The theme of video #1 is “Ossan” (old man, middle-aged man) and we get to see some of the details that you can put into making your dream osssan. We saw the breast slider for the female characters, but unfortunately male characters come with fewer options, so no bulge meters or breast sliders for the guys.


Tomorrow’s character creation theme is “Bishoujo” (beautiful girl) as video #2, followed by “Shonen” (young man) the next day for video #3, then lastly a “Sexy” theme for video #4.


Blue Protocol is in development for PC. Check out details and screenshots in our previous report.

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