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Blues And Bullets Mixes Film Noir Mystery With The Action Of Sin City



A Crowd of Monsters is hoping to get its episodic noir story Blues and Bullets on Steam by passing through Greenlight. The game will also be coming to Xbox One once it’s finished.


Blues and Bullets wears its inspiration on its sleeve: film noir. Bearing an art style that’s limited to black,white, and red you may think it looks more like Frank Miller’s Sin City than 1940s films. It’s a mixture of both, really (and Sin City was also influenced by film noir itself, of course).


It has a setting that is closer to that of film noir, the events taking place 20 years after the imprisonment of real-life criminal Al Capone. You play as Elliot Ness, who arrested Capone and has since left police work to live a quieter life as a diner owner. But after Ness gets dragged back into his old haunts by a gangster begging him to find her missing grand daughter, it soon turns to the stylish shoot outs that wouldn’t be amiss in Sin City.



It’s not all shooting, though, as you also need to use detective skills to advance, such as gathering information from witnesses and companions.


Blues and Bullets previously won the Game Connection Development Award for Excellence in Story & Storytelling so, hopefully, it shapes up well. Its first episode will be out this summer.

Chris Priestman