Nintendo 3DS

Boa Hancock, Mihawk And Law Are Bosses In One Piece Unlimited World: RED



While the game has been out for just about a week now in Japan, some of you may still be waiting anxiously for your copy of One Piece Unlimited World: Red to arrive.



Fret not! To tide me us over Namco Bandai have given us short clips of three more boss fights featuring Trafalgar Law, Dracule Mihawk and… Hang on. Boa Hancock?!? Isn’t she one of the good guys now?



Mihawk looks like he’d actually be pretty easy to take down, being slow and unwieldy with that giant cross-sword of his.



And Trafalgar… Ahh, so that’s what happens when you get your heart switched around… You totally switch characters!


One Piece Unlimited World: Red is out now on Nintendo 3DS.