Bocchi the Rock Recap Movie Will Come Out in 2024

bocchi the rock movie
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Aniplex announced that a movie adaptation of Bocchi the Rock will appear in theaters in Japan some time in Spring 2024. Though there aren’t many details about the movie, it appears to be a compilation film. That means that it will retread episodes and events that the show has covered. We don’t have a worldwide release date for it yet. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Even if the movie is a recap film, there might still be some new content for fans who watched the show. For example, it might have new songs or scenes. Kerorira, who is the character designer and chief animation director, was the one who drew the key visual for the Bocchi the Rock film. It features the titular Bocchi along with the other members of Kessoku Band.

The announcement trailer for the Bocchi the Rock movie sounds like a normal preview for the next episode. But the girls aren’t in unison so they decide to try again. Afterwards, they announce the compilation movie.

Bocchi the Rock is a manga and anime series that follows the Hitori Goto, who is very anxious and socially awkward. Despite these issues, she dreams of becoming a rock musician and make new friends. After Nijika Ijichi invites her to join Kessoku Band, she gets the chance to fulfill her lifelong dreams. The series is incredibly popular and in January 2023, Manga Time Kirara Max announced that there are a million physical copies of the manga in circulation.

The Bocchi the Rock movie will come out some time in Spring 2024. Aside from the movie, the new single from Kessoku Band, “Into The Light,” will come out on Ma 24, 2023. Genki Fujimori from Sakanamon is both the composer and the lyricist.

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